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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  October 28, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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fox 10 news at 9:00 starts now. >> good evening, everyone. we begin with a fox 10 traffic alert. a fatal crash has shut down the westbound lanes of grand avenue near 43rd avenue. these are live pictures now from the scene. police say a 27-year-old man on a motorcycle who was changing lanes and speeding lost control of his bike and crashed into another vehicle and then was thrown from the back, landing beneath a semi-truck traveling in the a man was killed after being runover. >> witnesses tell us it was a white semi with a red flatbed trailer. if you see that truck or have any information, call phoenix police. by the way, the road is expected to be closed for a while. you might want to avoid that area and take another route. the man once charged in the i-10 freeway shootings is back behind bars tonight. leslie merritt, jr. arrested by
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violating orders. he was arrested last year, spent seven months in jail accused of carrying out the freeway shootings, but a judge later dropped those charges, dropped the case over questions about the ballistics evidence. they didn't feel there was enough there. d.p.s. though still believes merritt is the freeway shooter. merritt filed a lawsuit against the state of arizona and maricopa county attorney bill montgomery. beware while you're filling up at the pump. this is not the right video, but imagine us showing you video of the gas station. more skimmers have been found in arizona. labor day, officials discovered 30 credit card skimmers across the state. >> yeah, i was going to say and that brings the total number of skimmers found in
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you have got to fill up your car, you find out somebody has taken your credit card information, your debit card information, these skimmers installed by thieves, and they are actually pretty good at doing it where you have to have a really good trained eye to figure it out. and they use it to steal your debit and credit card info. it feels more like summer, phoenix hitting a new record today as the heat reached triple digit temperatures. many of us you are ready to cool things down. tourists out at valley resorts are enjoying the hot weather in pools. >> this is one of the hottest octobers on the record books here in the valley, so we decided to have some fun with te heat and do a little experiment. this is nonscientific, by the way. >> this is a terrible waste of chocolate. >> we wanted to find out how long it would take for a
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melt in the sun. >> wow. >> we also wanted to find out how well a pumpkin would do in the sun. we streamed it live, tens of thousands of people watching it on facebook, it didn't take long for the candy to melt into mush. >> 84 degrees, the sun is down, it means the temperature is finally coming down. but people are still dealing with the heat, and danielle miller joins us now from a farm with how visitors are working to keep danielle? >> yeah, kari and john. it's not too warm out here right now. definitely a lot cooler than it was earlier today. we are here where we have a lot of haunted houses. they even have a corn maze, which right outside. we spoke with the general manager, and he says that most of the time, they are actually selling sweatshirts at this time because people are starting to get chilly. there's a chill in the air. but right now, not so much.
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scream for cooler temps. >> i'm ready for fall. >> last year was actually quite more chillier, actually, to be honest. this is way hotter. i don't like it. >> reporter: temperatures in phoenix hit a high today of 100 degrees, beating the previous record of 98 in 2001. the general manager of the haunted house which has been in is one of the warmest octobers he's seen. he says because of the warmer temperatures, slushies and cold waters are selling fast, a lot of that water going to his goons and goblins. >> fortunately, for us, we actually get our characters in training a month before it opens, so they get used to the costumes and masks and things like that, so they are ready for it. >> maybe the only people not minding the record breaking
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>> pretty cool. it's a beautiful name. perfect for killing. >> and you heard it there. well, fear farm is open until october 31st, and it's also open the weekend after that, so definitely still plenty of time to come out here and enjoy this, and hopefully those people will need the sweatshirts then. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. >> oh, man. >> that scared me. >> oh, man. >> poor danielle dave munsey, a big going into dave munsey's forecast. he's joining us with the new records that we hit today. >> dave, when are things going to finally cool down? although right now it is very nice outside. >> very nice, get the sun down, cool off, things cool off rapidly here, and we are going to see a little bitty change here just when we need it.
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the old late day. the old record is 98. that happened in 2001. there you go. the 199th time that we have hit 100 in 2016. the next couple of days here, we continue to count the 90s for the next a couple of days. we are not going to leave out monday, when the change takes place, the high monday expected to be somewhere in the mid-80s. let's take a look at trick or treat time here, 5:00, it will be 80 degrees. the sun goes down by 7:00, a little scary, but 78 degrees, and seepy time by monday night,
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licking their chops. >> lifting their kids candy when they go to sleep, dave, you know the drill. off the air, you can receive weather alerts checking our fox 10 weather app, free and available in both the apple and google play stores. >> he said it was just a prank but it had some very serious implications. a valley man arrested after he posted a and when someone would click on that link, it would dial 911 over and over again. >> you can imagine the problems this created for the 911 system. it crashed the 911 systems in the phoenix area. this was a big problem. dispatcher centers in other states reported similar problems. stefania okolie is live at the 4th avenue jail with the story. this isn't even funny. >> yeah, not funny at all, kari and john, and not only did the
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was just a prank, but he also says he didn't mean to include the forced calls to 911 in the bug that he sent out, this call to 911 very critical and potentially lifesaving. that's exactly why investigators are not taking this criminal act lightly at all. with a simple touch of a link on twitter, maricopa county 911 being called with over it. authorities tuesday night say a 911 dispatch center in surprise started receiving hundreds of hang-up 911 calls. michelle bush is a 911 operator and was working when the calls started rushing in. >> we have the board that alerts us of 911s. it was ongoing, nonstop. >> that link was traced back to desai's twitter account, as well as his website.
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bug into their phone, actually causing their phone to automatically call 911. >> desai told investigators he created the bug but did not mean to push it out on twitter. he said he created a separate bug, one he said was funny, that did not push out the calls to 911 services. he says he meant to release that one. the bug caused a serious disruption >> somebody could have been dying or in an actual emergency. >> we should mention that investigators say desai told them he created the bugs because it would get him more recognition or cool points, you could say, in the hacking computer. he now faces three felony counts of computer tampering. we also know the same exact bug was linked to other 911 service call disruptions in agencies
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from a victim who actually clicked the link. she'll describe what happened. >> protesters have been cleared from a camp on private land in the path of the dakota access pipeline. this has been a story now for months, and police have gotten very serious about clearing this area. officers dressed in riot gear fired beanbags and pepperpr on the crowd. more than 20 protesters were arrested, opponents trying to stop a 1,200-mile pipeline that would carry oil from western north dakota to illinois. they say that it would endanger water supplies and disturb cultural sites. let's talk politics for a minute. arizona remains in the toss-up column in the presidential election. it is razor thin, the margin between the two candidates, and it is one of a handful of
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trump are making last minute pushes trying to get votes leading up to the election. >> last week, chelsea clinton was at a.s.u. to campaign for her mom, and donald trump paid a visit to a.s.u. -- donald trump, jr. campaigned for his dad. he encouraged all young people to get out and vote in order to change the corrupt system, as we called it, in washington, and that included, he said, keeping hilly house. >> so in a year of change, where both sides want to change, both sides are sick of the same old, same old, sick of the usual candidates, they gave you the most typical, the elite of the elite, the most corrupt candidate in the history of u.s. politics. >> outside the rec center, a group of protesters clashed with trump supporters, a line of a.s.u. police officers there to
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>> this was interesting, as donald trump, jr. was leaving the event, they got out to help and pushed a car to the side of the road, gave her several bottles of water to make sure that she didn't end up dehydrated. we just talked to the woman who said she had no idea that it was donald trump, jr., but she was very thankful for his help. >> a nice thing to do on a hot day. >> >> in the meantime, donald trump sr. returning to arizona, the rally taking place saturday afternoon at the phoenix convention center, doors open at 12:30 p.m., and you can get tickets at the donald j. trump website. still ahead tonight, has being politically correct simply gone too far? you will not believe the words and phrases that one college campus is banning.
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weeks away from the presidential election. a lot of people just can't wait for it to be over, the tension growing between people is so apparent, one man dealing with vandalism and thieves taking his campaign sign. how he's fighting back. but first, we don't all see the world in the same way.
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only on fox tonight. tonight, only on fox, imagine dressing yourself in the morning and not really knowing if your shirt is red or green. for millions of americans, this is their reality, living with color-blindness. >> but new technology may allow those living with color deficiency to see the world in all of its beauty. ty brennan explain specially made glasses, chris wright is getting a look at the world in a way that most of us take for granted. he's one of millions of americans that are color-blind. >> what number do you see there? >> i don't see anything. >> how about in this one? >> nothing. >> color-blindness is something that he has lived with since he can remember. >> i came home with a picture that had red grass and purple
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parents thought either he's really creative or he's color-blind, there's something going on. >> chris is not alone. 5-10% of the population suffer from sort of color deficiency, and it affects more men than women. >> the spectrum runs from red, orange, yellow, all the way down to blue and violate, and for some reason patients or certain people cannot see certain colors in the spectrum. >> possibly a three. >> okay. >> red and green in it and they were red green deficient, they would probably see everything as being more green than red. the red is not going to show up as easily as the green. >> for chris, his color deficiency is fairly severe. >> dressing myself and putting clothes on, thankfully i have a wife that is there to help out with coloring. even with my shirt right now, i couldn't tell if it was pink or blue, and thankfully she leads me the right way.
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millions of people who are color-blind like chris. they come in the form of purple lensed glasses. >> it's exciting. it changes everything, wow, how can the world look like this. >> they block a certain wave in the color spectrum so the person wearing them can distinguish the color they are supposed to actually see. he says the glasses are proving to be beneficial f color-blind individuals in many professions. >> meat inspectors, engineers with lots of wiring, pharmaceutical folks who have to tell the different colors in the kinds of drugs coming through. >> we issued a color-blind test in which he tries to see a series of numbers.
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>> chris passed the test with the help of the glasses with flying colors. proving these glasses could be the answer to color-blind individuals who want to see the world in all its glory. >> it changes my view on things, how i see things. that was incredible to see the differences >> the glasses cost anywhere from 250-$50,000, depending on style, and you can also -- 250 to we have more information on ? >> check this out. this is a halloween display in nebraska. they are into the spirit, the cubs spirit, some long time die hard cubs fans deciding to turn their display into a tribute to
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the song go cubs go, the song played at wrigley field after every cubs win. in the meantime, in chicago getting ready for world series game 3, heading back to chicago for games, three, four, and five, hotels, bars, and restaurants preparing for a flood of people headed to the windy city. the first games played in cleveland, the next three right there. you can catch the game right here on fox 10. we are your place to be. we'll have a special edition of fox 10 news early tomorrow, on at 4:00. coverage of the world series begins at 4:30. first pitch is at 5:08. and then keep it right here after the game for more fox 10 news. >> my cousin is a cop in chicago. i have been praying for him every night, especially after those wins.
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anyway, we check in on the cards, a big road trip to take on the carolina panthers, cam and his crew having a rough year. the cards would like to keep it that way. what newton had to say about his style of play. the details, coming up later in the show. >> look at that moisture just flowing into california. they really, really need it there, and then up in the nebraska, lots northeast, lots and lots of snow. they need it there. what about chicago? the weather, we'll take a look, coming up. you love all-day breakfast. i love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites all day. i don't love that. but now you're gonna love that you can get more all day. like mcgriddles. i love mcgriddles... so you'll have to find something else to not love. hey buddy! like exploding fist bumps. pggggggghew! or forgetting what you're about to do.
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z25kpz zvpz y25kpy yvpy while we're here baking away in the heat... it's a much different ah, while we are here baking away in the heat, it is a much different story in the northeast. look at took a look at this,
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it seems like they skipped fall right into winter. >> i think i'll take what we have over this. >> think day. when this happens this early, you know the doldrums have settled in -- >> you know it's coming. >> making the area i wouldn't say like a winter wonderland, but -- >> that's what we'll go with. >> it's a winter wonderland, i guess. your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. >> well, yeah, the planes are going to be rolling in from the northeast, full of people that are getting tired of this stuff right here. it's starting pretty early this year, not a great deal of it at this time, one to three inches. there have been some areas that picked up six inches, a half a foot, something like that. take a look at it. they are getting hit pretty hard, lots of moisture coming through, freezing rain mixing it up there as well.
12:26 am
84, winds at west-southwest at 7 miles an hour, 85 right now in ahwatukee. you can see, we were talking about this earlier, coming into california, they really needed seymour right here, a hurricane falling apart, pushing clouds up into arizona. that's all we are going to out of it, is a little bit of cloud cover. there you go, 100 degrees on the day today. that's the latest 100-degree mp had, 99 in scottsdale, 99 in glendale, it is also a new record beating the old record of 98 degrees. 70 in flagstaff today, 86 up in sedona. 93 in nogales, and 97 in tuscon. here's your day. 100 on the high, 70 on the low, 84 and 64 normal high and low. 98 record high for the day, that's the old record, and 39, your record low for the day,
12:27 am
forecasting, you do see some mid-90s in that forecast as well. and then of course some 60s, 70s, and 80s across the north. we are going to stick with the 90s across our desert. looking across the country, it is that moisture in the northwest. once again that stuff is coming out of the southwest from the remnants of a hurricane down there, and we continue to see that snow up in the high country. and chicago, let's take a look at it for the game tomorrow night. game start 7:07. that will be 5:07 our time. a 16 miles an hour wind from the south-southwest is forecast, but a partly cloudy sky with 64 degrees when the game starts. 83 in denver today, 69 in bismarck, 84 in orlando. in washington, it was 63 degrees. overnight and tomorrow morning, 74. not as warm as 92 degrees for tomorrow. we stick with those low 90s, and
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halloween, we go to 83, which is going to make it a real nice day. watch your kids around water. >> thanks, dave. have you gotten one of those scary calls from someone claiming to be from the irs, demanding money, even threatening jail time? it is a huge scam, and tonight the real feds are taking action. >> good. plus if you are looking to see northern arizona in all of its beauty this fall, there is a new way you can find out where of the fall leaves are. all you need is your phone. but first, stolen, destroyed, that's what keeps happening to one man's donald trump campaig signs. but the crime h h h h h h h h h
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with less than two weeks until election day... there are with less than two weeks to go until election day, there are several reports of vandalized or stolen campaign signs all around the valley. >> one south phoenix man says that dispoo -- disappearing so he set up cameras to catch the thieves. >> you see the man walking on the baseline road near 36th street. he walks into the sign, damages it, and continues on his way. the man took photos of his damaged signs and then called police.
12:32 am
further. he got signs supporting donald trump and sheriff arpaio and placed them in the median. >> the first amendment gives everyone an opportunity to express their opportunity on everything. if somebody likes hillary, it's fine with me, but i would like to put out my sign. >> a person got away with more than a dozen signs, and this isn't the seen damaged signs in the primary. arpaio's signs were damaged, and then signs supporting prop 400. >> you go up baseline road, and you see hundreds of signs. in our area, all of the sheriff arpaio signs or trumps signs were stolen removed or
12:33 am
roll in. the maricopa county recorder's office says that more than 560,000, more than half a million early ballots have been mailed in. there is a lot of interest in this election, and nearly 11,000 people have voted early in person. tomorrow is the last day to request an early ballot by mail. you can do so online or by calling the maricopa county recorder's office. a federal judge denying an attempt to stop construction o loop 202, saying the opponents of the freeway are not likely to succeed in their legal battle against the projection so it should go forward. the road will eventually connect southeast phoenix with southwest phoenix, providing an alternative to taking i-10 through downtown. the project is expected to be finished by 2019. maybe one of the most bizarre police chases that we have ever covered, a man wanted for an outstanding warrant makes
12:34 am
drive-through. he apparently ordered food but didn't pick it up at the window. police were able to take him down and arrest 35-year-old joshua addkins. in court, the leaders of the armed group that seized a national wildl kuwaited of the charges that they are facing, a portland jury finding the brothers not guilty of possessing a firearm in a federal facility and conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs. the bundies were part of a 41-day standoff at that facility that was in protest of the prison sentences that had been given to two local ranchers who were convicted of setting fires.
12:35 am
freed and land given back to local residents. it is a phone call that can be annoying and frankly down right frightening. criminals posing as the irs and frankly agents of the irs, demanding money or threatening deportation. these scam and now the department of justice is cracking down. they are charging more than 60 pople around the world in connection to the indian based operation. this wasn't based here in america. 20 people were arrested here in the states. authorities say that the scammers have robbed at least 15,000 out of more than $300 million. this is terrible. they have targeted people all over the u.s. focusing primarily on immigrants and the elderly. >> 85-year-old california woman
12:36 am
impersonating an irs employee who threatened her with immediate arrest, unless she paid $12,000 for nonexistent tax violations. she paid the money. >> so many people, especially the elderly, are falling victim to this scam. finally the feds are doing something about it. the scammers are menacing, ruthless, and not likely to give up. but the feds say they will never call -- the irs, the real irs will never call and demand that cards to avoid arrest or deportation. they say if you receive a call like this, hang up and report the incident to law enforcement. tiny homes could be the future of living. but for now they are up and coming vacation homes, options at least. two tiny homes on display at viewpoint resort in mesa today, each of them less than
12:37 am
kitchen and lofted spaces. these homes are traveling across the country in december. >> you have got pretty much everything that you need, and you can have a nice little vacation, or there's a lot of people that want to live in these. >> the tiny homes typically sell for about $75,000. the traveling tiny house tou cottonwood, where you can spend the night in the tiny homes. if you need more information, head to >> and how about sedona, it's always beautiful, really year round, it's beautiful. there's a new way for you to find out the right spot to visit or any other question that you have about sedona. they will answer it like that. the sedona chamber of commerce has a number that you can text to ask questions like are the fall colors changing in oak
12:38 am
>> are the colors changing in oak creek canyon changing right now is a really hot topic. yes, they are changing in oak creek canyon right now, and it's absolutely beautiful. >> the amazing thing with this number, which is on your screen, is you can ask any question you want about sedona and they will try to find an answer and text you right now. so you can find the number there, and we have also posted the number on your fox 10 page, >> there are so many trying to keep track of it all. >> i was going to read the number, but it was a really long number. still ahead, a mystery solved, a class ring lost many years ago returned. >> plus, an alarming rise in the number of kids in foster care, especially here in arizona. what officials say is behind that increase. >> finally, it's almost friday. so much easier to wake up on a
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hopefully we are not in for another 100-degree day, but
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you're watching fox 10 news at 9:00. with john hook and kari lake. it's a great story. facebook posting helps a family find their class ring, get their class ring back that belonged to a family member who had tragically passed away. she found the ring while cleaning a trailer back in 2013. she posted the picture on facebook to try to find the owner. judy saw the post in 2014 and
12:43 am
her late nephew. she messaged josi but didn't hear back for a week. when she finally got online and saw the message, the women met up, and she says she will give her ring to her niece. >> a friend of mine saw i had a bunch of messages, and i scrolled down and saw one was from her. >> it's a big plus in her life, because she left. >> the two women say they plan to keep in touch from now on. the number of kids in foster care in the u.s. continues to grow, the biggest reason, the number of substance abuse involved with parents. the number of foster kids up 13,000 from a year ago, the
12:44 am
florida, indiana, georgia, and minnesota. >> amazon.bomb, the online retail giant missing profit expectations for the last three-month, installing holiday shopping may not be super strong. twitter is having trouble getting more people to tweet, costing jobs, cutting 10% of its to add new users. the 30-year fixed rate mortgage dropping below 3.54% this week, moving closer to an all time low set four years ago. according to a new survey, nashville tennessee is seeing the biggest number of renters looking for new apartment homes. that's business. after a record high day, why
12:45 am
it, huh? let's take a look here. this is friday morning that we are going to be looking at, and yes, 71 degrees at gila bend, 59 at globe, 68 in casa grande, 45 at flagstaff and the grand canyon, 73 at lake havasu city. some warm temperatures, take a look around the valley, 74 at sky harbor, deer valley at 74 degrees. so it is going to be a warm morning. what shows up around 8:00, everybody heading out at 8:00 a.m., 76 degrees. we'll see a few clouds out there, but that will be about it. the day will warm to about 92 degrees. after a hundred, not bad. we'll have more weather after 10:00. >> all right dave, thank you. >> after the back, it's talk about time, and tonight we are talking about the outrageous increase in premiums for obamacare, especially here in arizona. >> and speaking of outrageous, a
12:46 am
college campus. what students can no longer hey guys. i called you all in because i just had an idea. brunch. allday, every day. brunch? that's great! where'd you get that idea? well... sweetie? you know what we're craving right now? crispy chicken, and fried egg, with bacon. like brunch. brunch? but it's 8pm and it's tuesday. huh, i wonder if my mother would like to stay with us...
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with tasty options like my brunch burger and a crispy bacon and egg chicken sandwich.
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in just a few minutes on fox10 news at coming up in just a few minutes on fox 10 news at 10:00, the fcc passed some new regulations to protect online privacy, what that can mean for your personal information. plus, a female astronaut making
12:49 am
no other woman has ever done, those stories and more coming up tonight at 10:00. time for the talkers tonight. >> first up, university of northern colorado, they have outlawed some horrible words and phrases, horrible things, things so offensive that they must be banished, things like, "hey guys, mankind" and "manmade". >> what? >> yes, those are few o terms greatly frowned upon. they are not gender neutral enough. in at least five classes last year, this wasn't optional. it was mandatory. >> i would be kicked out. i say hey guys all the time. >> i do too. i say it on my ?facebookosts. >> i'm telling you, we are all going to become hermits and just have to hide in our rooms. >> we need a safe space where we
12:50 am
anything that might be remotely offensive. >> you know about the affordable care act and rises going up in the premiums, and arizona has it the worst, our premiums going up more than a hundred percent in some cases, the deductibles. the new york times had a report blaming it on millennials, saying young healthy people are partially to blame because remaining uninsured is actually a good financial option, paying the fee and fingers they don't get sick. because if there's no additional penalty if you do just jump right back in, they are saying that's what's not causing the whole system to work. >> you jump in when you get sick and opt out when you don't need it. >> you opt out, pay the fine, and then if you get really sick, you jump in. >> this is exactly why we have
12:51 am
fix it? therein lies the major problem, i think. >> it's on your ballot. >> we are done talking, and it's your turn to talk back. i have asked this question, how do i fix this on my facebook page. >> heading to our facebook pages. i'm getting some traction already on this discussion about banned phrases at university of northern colorado. go to john hook fox 10. >> and kari lake fox 10. we'd love >> hey guys and gals, after a slugfest with the seahawks last week, the cardinals head to a hostile environment. yeah, this is offensive, carolina to be exact, the same
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12:53 am
12:54 am
you're watching fox 10 sports with richard saenz. >> you know, it seems like just yesterday, the cardinals were one win away from the super bowl, and then they ran into the panthers in carolina. everything went wrong that day. i never gave up. even when the cardinals were down by 27 at half-time. it just wasn't going to happen.
12:55 am
down plenty of times. he was sacked. he fumbled. he threw interceptions.pjust a . the carolina panthers opened up the door for the offense, cam newton and the panthers do their thing. the blowout, how could we forget? i know larry fitzgerald didn't. >> everyone in the locker room was disheartened about the outcome and the way that we performed on that stage. i think everybody was disappointed with that, but that's last year. there's nothing that we can do about that. we have just got to fight and scratch to put ourselves into position to be able to get into the play-offs this year, because, you know, we have our work cut out for us >> oh, do we have a great a nfl sunday planned out for you. guys, get your honey-dos on saturday, because on sunday it's all filled up. we start bright and early, red
12:56 am
cardinals panthers, and then the world series, all right here on fox 10. yard work, america. speaking of the nfl, some teams couldn't wait. don't let the smurf uniforms fool you. titans looking good as i mentioned. second quarter, henry, the former heisman trophy bounces outside, 17-0 titans, and wouldn't you know, they are not done. three minutes later, murray won't quit on this play, he bounces you outside and stretches for the touchdown. you get the picture, all tennessee in this one. 36-22 was your final. we can't forget about the coyotes, the 'yotes looking for their second win of the season,
12:57 am
flyers, why not do it again. still in the first, the 'yotes in attack mode again, ec man larsen lights the lamp. flyers on the power play but richardson looking to score a shorthanded goal, and he does. wow, great player right there. and the 'yotes beat philadelphia 5-4. can they play philly every night? they would be undefeat if that was the case. arizona inducting a new hall of fame class tonight. the ceremony took place at the tempe center for the arts. r.j. also has a street named after him downtown. same for adrian wilson, he was in the cardinals ring of honor, honored about tonight's honor as
12:58 am
be blessed to be here. the things that you have done throughout your career, people start noticing it after the fact. >> it's back to baseball tomorrow, and it's back to chicago for the cubbies, game 3 of the world series at wrigley field. i never thought i would say that. game 3 of the world series at wrigley as the cubbies host the indians. fox 10 news starts at 4:00, and then it's the world series at 4:30, all fox 10 news after the game as well. we do it it again at 10:00. much more on the cardinals, how the cards have added some help at wide receiver, and the name might sound familiar, a star from training camp coming back. but that's later. right now it's back to marc and the news crew. this is a fox 10 news alert. >> and we begin tonight with that news alert video from skyfox right now.
12:59 am
deadly crash at a busy intersection. that crash has now shut down the westbound lanes at the intersection of grand avenue and 43rd avenue and take a live look now from our crew at the scene. you can see the road closure there and a closer look at the accident. here's what we know. police tell us a man on a motorcycle was speeding and lost control of the bike hitting another vehicle. that motorcyclist was then thrown under a semi-truck and died as a result. police tell us that semi-truck kept on going. it's not even knew what happened here. witnesses say it was a white semi-truck with a red flatbed trailer. anyone with information is being asked to call police. they would like to talk to that driver. that road will be closed for several hours tonight. again, 43rd avenue and grand. another big story in the valley tonight, a man arrested after he posted a link on social media that would ghost call 911 over and over again whenever somebody clicked on it. well, that cyber attack nearly crashed the 911 system in
1:00 am
other states were also reporting similar problems. stefania okolie is live at the fourth avenue jail tonight with more on the stunt that really could have put people in danger. stefania? >> yeah, exactly, mark, an 18-year-old suspect who police say created this bug which was the link that forced the calls to 911 said it was a prank. as you know, 911 service calls, it's very serious. it's potentially lifesaving, which is why investigators are not taking this prank lightly at all. >> link on twitter, maricopa county calling 911 with no control over it. this was the man behind the prank, 18-year-old desai. a 911 dispatch center in surprise started receiving hundreds of 911 hang-up calls. michelle bush is a 911 operator. >> we have a board that alerts us for 911.


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